The governance of DONET is democratic, collective and rule based. General body is the highest decision making platform, meets every two years to select the governing body members to constitute the governing body, which then acts as the apex decision making authority for two years. The governing body meets four times a year to provide strategic direction to the executive committee. The Executive Committee meets every month to review the activities of DONET. There is an independent audit committee, which reports directly to the governing body, which ensures highest level of corporate governance. There is a MAT (management at the Top) team, meets once a month for operational decision making. There are procurement committees and disciplinary committees for smooth and transparent operations.

Governance working procedure:
  • We hold a monthly staff meeting
  • We arrange a monthly MAT (Management at Top) with the head of all verticals.
  • The Executive Committee consisting of 5 members meet every month.
  • The 07 members Governing Body meets once every 3 months.
  • The 21 members General Body meets in 2 years interval.

General Body: General Body is the highest decision making entity of the institution, with a maximum 21 members, who are renowned figures in their own domain and hold the beliefs and philosophy of DONET. Chief Executive Officer is the Member Secretary of the General Body. General body convenes every two years and approves various policy level decisions.

Governing Body: Governing Body is the highest decision making entity between two meetings of the General Body and consists of maximum 11 members. Chief Executive Officer is the Member Secretary of the Governing Body. Every year the Governing Body convenes at least twice and approves decisions taken by the Executive Committee. It also appoints a five member Executive Committee for one year. Executive Committee: Executive Committee is a five member body, which meets every month, to support executive team in dynamic decision making. It keeps balance between power of the Chief Executive Officer and policy making bodies, as well as ensure continuous improvement of policies without waiting for a meeting of Governing Body. It is also mention worthy that two of the five members are elected by direct voting of the staff members, for innovative ideas and protecting employees’ interest.

Independent Audit Committee: DONET has a three member independent audit committee, where the Chairperson and one member are from two reputed institutions. The Audit Committee reports directly to the Governing Body.

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